Wordless Wednesday – NOT!



We’ve been waiting patiently to become grandparents, with a due date of mid February next year. Imagine our surprise when we got  phone call from our son yesterday, telling us baby had decided to put in an early appearance. It would appear baby Oliver was keen to join us, arriving a whole 9 weeks early.

I’m glad to report that both mum – Natalie, baby – Oliver and of course dad – Matthew, are well, though baby Oliver will need to stay in hospital for a few weeks (tiring thing, to be born at that age you know 😉 ).

So, having had a year during which we posted late or sometimes not at all, we end the year with the most wonderful excuse for being late 😀

We’ll try and keep to our 3 times a week schedule but we can’t promise anything.

So whatever you celebrate during this time or if you don’t, we hope you have a wonderful time until we see you again.


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3 Replies to “Wordless Wednesday – NOT!”

  1. Congratulations! Such wonderful news!!!
    Our baby granddaughter was born last Feb. at 3.5 lbs, and is thriving now.
    Welcome Oliver, and Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  2. What fabulous news. Congratulations!

  3. Barbara Allen says:

    Congratulations! What delight and joy this must bring you both and the whole family.

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