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If you’ve been visiting the blog regularly, you’ll know my daughter visited the Yayoi Kusama exhibition at the Tate Modern in London last month.  Whilst she was there she picked up some postcards and a little booklet containing info about the artist and the works on display.

Since starting this blog I’ve noticed some bloggers holding “giveaways”.  They look like a fun way of getting to know the people who visit a blog.  So, I’ve decided to hold a “giveaway” and get to know some of you better.  The “giveaway” will be the postcards and booklet mentioned above.  You can see images of the postcards and booklet below.

yayoi kusama tate modern
Yayoi Kusama - "The Germ" - 1952, ink and pastel on paper.
yayoi kusama tate modern london
Yayoi Kusama - "Leaves" - 1954, gouache on paper.
yayoi kusama tate london
Eikoh Hosoe - "Kusama in Phalli's Field" - 1965, black and white photograph on paper.
yayoi kusama
Yayoi Kusama - "Self-Obliteration No.2" - 1967, watercolour, pen, pastel and photocollage on paper.
yayoi kusama tate modern london
Yayoi Kusama - "Man Catching the Insect" - 1972, collage with oil on paper.
yayoi kusama tate modern london
Yayoi Kusama - "Late-Night Chat is Filled with Dreams" - 2009, acrylic on canvas.
yayoi kusama tate modern london
Yayoi Kusama - A Guide, Tate Modern, London - 9th February - 5th June

Like I said, this “giveaway” is for fun (the value of the giveaway is minimal) and for me to get to know you better so, please, do enter 🙂

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9 Replies to “Yayoi Kusama Giveaway”

  1. Claudia Studak says:

    Yay and thanks a bunch. Can’t wait for my packet to arrivE!

  2. Lynn Savage says:

    I would take Bill Brysons – a short history of nearly everything. I’ve read it a few times now and will read it again and again and again, there’s so much info in there to understand and absorb. It will take me a fair few more readings to digest it all, and on the desert island I will have plenty of time.

  3. […] by Sue Just a quick reminder that my Yayoi Kusama giveaway will close this weekend; so, if you want to be in with a chance to win some postcards from her 2012 London exhibition pop over and leave a comment on this post – Yayoi Kusama giveaway . […]

  4. Thanks for taking part Michelle. Good luck.

  5. Thanks for leaving your comment and for spreading the word Claudia. Good luck.

  6. Thanks for leaving your comment Ilona. Good luck.

  7. Beautiful artwork. I tried to leave a comment/entry via the above clicky business, but was unsuccessful. There was a question asking what book I’d take with my on a desert island and why, so I’ll answer that. I’d likely take a copy of Grimm’s Fairy Tales with me. Those stories are always a reliable springboard for daydreams and inspiration, and I’ve never felt alone while preoccupied with the plights of people forced to use ingenuity, courage and cleverness to achieve their dreams.

  8. Claudia Studak says:

    Very cool. Posted the giveaway on my fb page. (not that I want anyone else to win!)

  9. Hello from Finland! What an exciting giveaway! I couldn’t leave a comment on the entry, so here it comes: Writing by Marguerite Duras. I am a huge admirer of Yayoi Kusama, so fingers crossed… Great blog, too!

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